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Explore Norths podcast

Sep 15, 2021

Over the past 21 years Dario and Sabine Schwörer has circumnavigated our blue planet doing field-based research for universities, scientists and research organizations. They have visiting the world’s most remote regions and their native inhabitants, and sharing examples of innovative solutions to protect, preserve and conserve our planet.

They now have six children, all born on different continents, and are still on a mission to save the ocean with their TOPtoTOP expedition. We talked to them at their base in Lyngseidet, Troms.

You can read more about them on TOPtoTOP and a video presentation on the Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show.

If you need information about sailing in the high latitudes check out the book I wrote with Bob Shepton: High Latitude Sailing - Self-sufficient sailing techniques for cold waters and winter seasons.